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Our Involvement

Every day, our sisters strive to make an impactful positive change, whether it is on campus or in our community. Every Alpha Chi has her own interests and goals, but we all share the same passion and drive which draws us together. Celebrating our differences, watching our sisters grow, and appreciating all that our sisters accomplish reminds us that we are a part of each other's journey; journeys we will share long after we've left UCLA.



Every quarter there are numerous sisterhood events to look forward to. From the moment your big surprises you in Big Little reveal, to learning how to take the ideal splashy fountain picture during Presents, all the way to the end when seniors pass on their legacy to the younger members during senior willings, these are the experiences that we cherish with our sisters and the memories that will not fade after college.

Our sisterhood is something that changes everyday for the better and we are so proud to see how our chapter shapes our sisters into real strong women.


A Letter From Our VP Intellectual Development

Hi! My name is Maya Desai, and I serve as the Vice President of Intellectual Development at the Alpha Psi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.  My job is to act as a guide and active supporter of all academic endeavors for our chapter members. I want our members to excel in college, their professional pursuits, and to achieve the success that is UCLA’s legacy. I strive to provide a variety of resources ranging from on-campus services to alumni connections, and opportunities with internships. Hosting quarterly Professor Dinners, where members can invite their professors to come to the house for a formal dinner and get to know our girls on a more personal level, is our biggest Intellectual Development event. My personal favorite event is our Pizookie Party where we reward members for showing improvement and maintaining good grades.  


Maya Desai


Scholarship & Grants


Alpha Chi Omega values its members' academic pursuits and encourages its women to seek the heights by providing academic scholarships and community grants. Our scholarships provide merit-based aid for collegiate members' educational pursuits. For more information regarding scholarships please access the application forms at

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