Frequently Asked Questions

New members bring excitement each year to the Alpha Psi chapter. During Formal Recruitment in the fall, potential new members are guided through the recruitment process with the hope that they will fall in love with their future sorority.

What is recruitment?​

Recruitment is a five-day process where girls get to know each of the eleven sororities on our campus. During the visit, you will meet active members of each chapter that will provide more information and have fun conversations with you! Through this mutual selection process, potential new members learn the ideals of each sorority including their philanthropy, sisterhood, and social events.

What should I consider when choosing a sorority?​

Many girls ask themselves a number of questions when deciding which sorority truly fits them. Some questions to consider when in this position: What values do I admire most?​ What girls could I call at any time of the day? Which chapter do I see myself spending my college career in? Which chapter has similar values to my own? What girls seemed the most genuine? What letters would I be proud to wear on a daily basis? Which chapter fits my budget the best?

The best advice we can give you when meeting actives from each chapter is to be yourself! This is the guaranteed way for you to land the best chapter for you that will provide you with the best opportunities and even better friends and memories.

Does Alpha Chi Omega haze their new members?

Absolutely not. Alpha Chi Omega does not permit hazing of any kind and in fact, your new member period will be filled with fun sisterhood events to help you get to know your new member class and the rest of the chapter. We try to be as welcoming as possible to our new members and would never force anyone to be humiliated or hurt in any way.

How much does Alpha Chi Omega cost?

As with any Greek organization, sisters of Alpha Chi Omega pay dues each quarter. For a member's first quarter, dues are $687.33. Regular sisters have dues of $218.33 per quarter. Many sisters pay their dues with earnings from campus jobs or summer internships. Additionally, Alpha Chi Omega and UCLA Panhellenic offer scholarships and other methods to help sisters bear the burden of dues.
Alpha Chi Omega values its members' academic pursuits and encourages its women to seek the heights by providing academic scholarships and community grants. Our scholarships provide merit-based aid for collegiate members' educational pursuits. For more information regarding scholarships please access the application forms at alphachiomega.org. To learn more about chapter financial information, click here.