Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (EDI)

A Letter From Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Psi

As women of the Alpha Psi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, we are committed to shaping the future through powerful, transformative, and everlasting connections of real, strong, women, regardless of their social identities. Our love for one another and commitment to our community has only grown since our chapter’s inception in 1885. Since then, Alpha Chi has evolved along with our communities to expand the reach of that feeling of belonging, help our sisters to continue growing, and enhance our sisterhood. However, we understand and recognize that Greek Organizations were established on the exclusion of race and social class, and have historically upheld white supremacy. We also recognize our own role in contributing to these injustices in the past and our historic failure to protect BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) individuals and marginalized communities. Alpha Chi Omega is committed to correcting these wrongs and creating a more welcoming, inclusive environment that includes addressing discrimination and racial injustices in our community.


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